First the design development image that accompanied the quote (below). Rebecca left soon after to take up a position at a new mining establishment in Karratha. We wondered to ourselves how we would get her goods to her safely?

Rebecca was referred to us by her Dad who is an old Barbara Heath commission client – word-of-mouth again! Her Emerald-cut Diamond at 1.03ct is so conspicously clean . . . what a great starting place. No complicated design process, Barbara and Rebecca started into the task by selecting two bands from the range and worked out the placement of the stone, the locking of the bands and the details of the finish. Emails to confirm and we are away on the make.

Commissioned Ring © Bh – Broad band comprised of two separate sections at top and merged at back, one parallel and tapers to hand, the other like Moebius band offset to right. Emerald-cut Diamond in partial bezel setting transverses the two bands at the top and is low set. Highly polished setting with matt finish and high polish on highlights.

Here’s the full platen area scanned at 600 dpi, this is where I start and photoshop filters do the rest.

Footnote: The first quote from our Hong Kong brokers to get the small parcel (insured) from Brisbane to Karatha was A$1,320.00, but that was only until the plane landed. Once on the ground there was no coverage to the inside of the airport. Our other Australian insurance brokers did manage to come to the party for a fee of A$165.00 using Platinum Express (signable) post pack – the way to go! We counted (5.5)hours of calls and facilitation to achieve the dispatch . . .

Footnote 2: It arrived safe and an email response is in the comments area.