From: elizabeth shaw + nick ashby <>
Date: 15 May 2010 1:53:14 PM
To: mal E <>, barbara heath <>
Subject: Fwd: ca enews issue #51 may 2010 – focus on contemporary jewellery

Hi Barb and Mal, You’ve probably already received this newsletter. Craft Australia have published my paper from the conference online, the link is here. Thanks heaps for supplying me with images, you’ll see that Craft Aust selected one to include online.  I hope you are happy with what I wrote. Regards, Liz.

Extract relating to Barbara Heath: “Undoubtedly Brisbane’s most celebrated contemporary jeweller today is Barbara Heath. Barbara arrived in Brisbane in mid 1983 and established an inner city studio. In 1984 she exhibited in the QJW exhibition. Sel (Pilgrim) recalls fond memories of ‘Barbara… coming to Brisbane (and) joining the group… (He recalls) dropping her off after the QJW meetings to the boat she lived in on the Brisbane River. (Pilgrim. 2006 p.3) Barbara remains a member of JMGQ and her commitment to the community of practice in Queensland has seen her open her studio to visitors such as Christine Dhein and Catherine Salter and offering traineeships and employment opportunities to numerous emerging jewellers over the years. This has included, but is by no means limited to Sheridan Kennedy, Thomas Burless, Juan-luis Gonzalez, Marisa Molin, Justine Austen and Dan Cox”. Malcolm Enright adds: Liz herself spent some studio weeks at Paddington studio, Rose Agnew, Felicity (flick) McGaw, Nicole Petersen & Dimitar Bianco.