Smith & Robertsons at Logan Road, Woolloongabba operated since 1935. In 1948 as a young apprentice metalworker; Grahame Gillespie joined the firm and in a Courier-Mail article dated 23 Jan 1985 he makes his own prediction, “I’ll probably be the last proprietor of Smith & Robertson’s“. Yesterday, Barbara spent a few hours at Betty Gillespie’s home going through the patterns, the machines stored under the suburban home and most importantly – chatting on with Betty about the history and stories of the business. Barbara said Betty was sharp as a tack, in fact when Barbara called her on the phone (out of the blue), Betty responded “yes, Dear I remember you, we fab’d up the big lettering on your shop back in the late 1980s at Paddington, didn’t we.” Well Barbara was amazed, she will write up her research notes on the weekend. I’ve just processed the shots and couldn’t wait to blog at least one of them today.