Update – 14 May 2010, I can upload these two details now as it was delivered to Canberra today.

The first email from Canberra is dated November 4 2009 – a couple of things, a repair and a set of earrings for now and “a special piece for Lila” sometime in the future. We communicated madly about chains, chain designs as we completed the other requests asap. Now it’s the end of April 2010 and we have locked away the design & we have a May deadline to produce to. Such as private set of emails exchanged between Ness and Barbara as these two ladies worked patiently to evolve “something suitable to celebrate, mark and signify her birth” – and the last thing that Ness writes; “Something that she will wear herself, one day”.

The make is on the bench today awaiting the final nod, I’ll post the piece once it has been successfully dispatched and thankfully received – in fact I’m going to press for a mum & daughter pic!