A couple of years ago we saw this curious object at Warwick Oakman Antiques.
Given the context, we assume the object under dome is perhaps some surrealist’s handiwork.
In fact it is tin, a frozen molten spill of the lustrous grey metal here strangely unfamiliar in its natural form.
Its a metal we’ve mined and put to use for thousands of years, it all began when we first alloyed it with copper and created bronze.
The 49th most abundant element, we coat other metals with it to prevent corrosion and line containers with it to safely store food.
In our search for new sources of it we have traversed, mined and colonised the furthest reaches of the globe.
Indeed, tin deposits of historical importance put Tasmania clearly on the map in the mid 1800s.
All of which is reason enough you’d think, to place it under a glass dome and display it as a worthy object.