The garden next door is in fine shape, top pic shows Barb the moment we arrived, we headed straight for the fruit trees. The pic below shows the first (heritage) Worcester Permain, yes our neighbour reminded us that we picked it 1 month before we should have. Some natives replaced, the stables completely cleaned out, both blocks mowed twice, weeded and the back yard cut, well slashed by Rodney and Kevin. Numerous visits, the first to Eagle Hawk Neck, we were treated to a gathering of arts folk at Noel Frankham’s parents holiday house and orchard. Then to Hobart and Graham & Ann Hesse’s new sandstone colonial house and garden. Next we stayed the night with Ann & David Kernke at Shene and saw the works under way there. The following day we were at a TAFE course down the road to sit the theory & practical to get our Tasmanian gun license. The first lightning visit was from Michael, Andrea and baby Clare. Back home to dinner with Warwick Oakman who we really scored some great period Tasmanian pieces from this time. Lunch with Paul and Babe, the same Sunday that Bob Riddel and Pam Easton called and wanted to drop in (bugger). The following Sunday lunch with Ray & Pat and more rellies, Sandra and Tommy. Next we were off to Avoca for an evenings stay with Rob & Lynne Robson and onto the tin trail, to research the Bh-Tinsmith show then to St Helens and our first visit to Binalong Bay, a brief stay with Roz MacAllan and John Potter at their hideaway there (hey! its a rentable retreat – and I mean a treat). We managed to spend valuable time at the St Helen’s History Room, continued on to most of the exhibits on the mining tin trail at Derby.  Visits from Barbara’s rellies, Tony & Michelle & Uncle Max and Aunty Bettie. Next we did the mail run with our postman, Charlie Gregg to get to know the Oatlands/Paratta/St Peter’s Pass catchment better (he knew every peak, range and homestead’s names and occupants from the year dot). Dropped in on everyone we know in Tunbridge, some to dinner, some over coffee and more to just trade veg and eggs – we did plum sauces & jams this time in earnest. I made a trip to Hutton Park to see Andy. We went to visit Annie’s garden and to see Steve Taylor’s refurbishments at Avoca. Numerous visits to Oatlands tip and then the shops there as a few trips to Ross to Barbara’s favourite nursery and to Clive’s shop where I did elements on the furniture restorations on four pieces. The major break co-incided with Barbara’s sister and her partner’s visit and we went to Cradle Mountain, we stayed at Lemonthyme Lodge then drove further and did three different walks. The last stay was in Launceston, again at Ray & Pat’s where I managed two clock outings, one was to visit the Post Office Clock tower to see the work done by Graham Mulligan. Then Graham took me to the home of John Millwood where I was shown masterful clocks and Tasmanian furniture but introduced to John’s main passion – his Colonial Artists Collection. Ray Norman our host (and Barbara’s main mentor) was one of the commissioners of a bronze statue of Dr Russ, who originally owned the Millwood residence. Finally, the first visit we did at Stanthorpe, Queensland on the way down, we dropped in on a dealer and friend known internationally as The Iron Man – Peter Homes.