We have second-hand corrugated iron sheets ready to cover the fibro sheeting one day, in the meantime as we are only at Tunbridge four times a year – I thought to give the garden some semblance of a permanent presence. It was summer, Jan 2010 (aided by daylight saving), 7:00pm and we each had a beer and were watering the silver birch grove when BANG – I looked at the shadow of myself, I turned to Barb and asked if she could quickly run into the other house and fetch a carpenter’s pencil? She quickly outlined my features and then I did hers, a mission brown tin and a brush and one beer later – we had our permanence imprinted in the garden.

Then one after one, the neighbours have dropped in with comments, suggestions and feedback. Just the shape of a person seen through the corner of the eye sets off a quick second glance – the silhouette is a powerful device don’t you think?

The shed is represented on this plan of the garden (on Barbara’s garden blog, here).