. . . so we fell back to the latest retail piece, Brooch/Pendant © Bh Lace Oxidised Silver Antique Buttons Contemporary Buttons Stainless Steel. The piece emerged from a recent Necklace commission briefed by Diane Roberts, five antique buttons from her collection made with the lace work, neoprene linguini and a textured ‘S’ hook. I can’t show Diane’s piece yet as she only collects it this coming Saturday. Saturday UPDATE: Diane’s piece is here.

As usual, some commissions evolve from tweeking previous makes while some are born from client thoughts and the personal material they present. We have been using our own collection of buttons (as gems) for ages, our antique seals as remade objects of desire and still delight at recycling the myriad of found objects we are attracted to enough to keep. It also helps to have nearly thirty years of always pushing a new solution behind you, doesn’t it Barb? . . . never  satisfied with the easy way out – love your work guys! I also popped these on Kit & Caboodle just now.