We are always delighted when folks return for more, right out of the blue we received an email from Gina “I’ve been through the entire blog, the Holbein knot I have for my engagement and wedding rings is still a standout. Have you got any emeralds? I want a wide stitch ring in black enamel with his birthstone.” Add the hand engraving to the inside, the terrific emerald has sat here in the tray for 10 years – it has never been re-priced since we bought it. Gina swooped!

“Give us three weeks to create and make and send us an email with the text for the secret side,” I asked. We’ll never get another quality emerald at that price,” Barbara added. And at 5 months Jacob has his first significant symbol for his life’s journey from the Jeweller to the Lost – he’s found (as we say)!