The venue for my party – Simpatico is owned by Mitch Thompson, we go right back to the days of social revolution in this once sleepy town. I did this logo for the shop Mitch ran with David Guthrie and Brian Laver in the Brisbane Arcade. It was a real blast to see Mitch and David at my party.

My (fairy) – God Mother, Ada aka Michael Ashley was asked to speak at my party but she flew-the-coup. Just as well because she knows more dirt than all the other speakers combined, what she did do was bundle up a care-pack with photos, cards and a message straight from the swinging 60’s. (it arrived in the post). For those who joined us and reminisced about early adult exploits, here are the visual reminders – The first Red Orb cardA Red Orb pass out –  Card from de BrazilsTony Robinson’s Playboy ClubCard from Willi’s BazzarCard from Hair that I designedtwo flyers for bands we followed (The Purple Hearts & Thursday’s Children) – Holly Go Lightly’s Travelling Card.