Look – first of all I have to tell you what a blast the launch was. Lunch time at Parliament House, Brisbane – *Aunty Margaret, Elder &  Anna Bligh, The Premier  + the Dean of Bond University who published the volume and almost all the story tellers were gathered together for the speeches and the welcome to country. What a fantastic ‘welcome to country’ – of the * Minjerribah Moorgumpin People (Stradbroke Island & Moreton Bay) by Mulliburriba Dance Group led by Joshua Walker. I just love the way traditional politics has played out fully in Government circles where they at least acknowledge the earlier indigenous owners of the land they hold and occupy, well done!

Well done Joan and all the stories in the first-person you managed to capture and reproduce. I have grave concerns about the general lack of design but I let that slide. We know quite a few authors and have been delighted to read their stories, I want to particularly thank John Stafford for, in his article he has cause to mention Barbara’s Magistrates Court door handles in the most wonderful light. Rightly so, I say. Our work joins the poetry of Nathan Shepherdson as the divider to Section Six – The Smart State.

ISBN 978 0 9806187 1 6 (the hard back) <www.bond.edu.au>