Fellow clock maniac and collector in-the-know – Alan Hazelton dropped in to ask what I liked in the auction coming up last weekend. He was chasing my pick, a silk suspension German or Austrian ‘picture clock’. I hadn’t seen the offering prior to visiting my friend and mentor that morning, Tony Roberts – he showed me the web catalogue and looking through his picks I noticed a few bets I thought I should call my own. As I was to be busy all day (Sunday) with Barb in the garden, I let go of the picture clock and asked Alan to bid on our behalf for the St Bernard with the girl riding bare back, above.

Two days passed, I never called. On the second evening I had a call from Alan ” I’ll drop off your little Zappler if you are home” . . . it turned out he missed his picture clock but we bagged the rare miniature cow’s tail pendulum, sans dome, plus we heard tell of other items knocked down to Hazelton. It turns out that even more quality items were brought home by other dealers and collectors that weekend. (Peoples dies and more people buys – as old Harcourt Howard was always saying).