I recently drove down Forth Street, New Farm, Brisbane just to see if I could pick the best dressed lawn, I walked the length of the street on both sides and still didn’t  find the property or the Brown man. I’m just as interested in what he’s left out of the equation as to what he has included in his business proposition . . . alas no piles of kapoc evident in the street and definately no sound of grinding steel and stone.  Looking for a house with a big underneath? No street number not even a phone number.  A hand-done card for a hand-done service (he probably didn’t accept cheques and definitely didn’t have an ABN).  Again,  something so small and insignificant stashed in the back of a book, forgotten then traded much later on . . . found and saved by the dealer then given away to someone who is likely to pick up on the word content/letter forms/bug marks/handy work/monochromatic colour/uniqueness . . . someone like a designer!