And we felt it thoroughly a worth while effort. Again, an earlier blog entry #mce_temp_url#detailed a powerpoint of the items from our urban archaeology collection that we considered worthwhile for inclusion. Seven items were reproduced in the catalogue and many more are displayed in brilliant company. It turns out that we know so many other like-minded collectors who have saved this sort of crap from the scrap heap, the wheelie bin and the local tip . . . in fact so much of my local folksy stuff was fortuitous, saved from the bin! In fact some items in the show were loaned by dealers I know well, items that never made it to their shop shelves – the stuff went straight home for safe keeping!

Here’s some of our material (page 29) – our frame on the left on  (page 30) – (page  31 ) – (page 45 ) – (page 90 ). Keeping it in the family, – ‘designfront’ did the catalogue design & production with photos by an old contact and ‘facebook’ friend Brian Hand.  Curators Michael Beckman and Glenn Cooke we know well leaving Judith McKay the only person we havn’t had contact with. The staff in their various capacities were all warmly mentioned in the opening speech, we particularly enjoyed meeting the project officer Dawn Ross, who will certainly revisit the studio again.

Catalogue available from <>

Exhibition runs from 6 June – 9 August 2009, 116 Brisbane Street Ipswich. Part of the Q150 series of celebrations for 2009–2010.