We have friends who lease parcels of dirt including the “Himalaya Mine” in San Diego, California. Helen and Richard Shull (and dogs) mine and cut beautiful samples of Tourmaline, Turquoise and local gem stones. Their business is called ‘out of our mines’, we met them in our early days traveling to the Tucson Gem Fair. They are fully blown quality gem dealers who now select and sell more than their local finds through their web site <http://www.outofourmines.com/&gt;

When I found this Bi-coloured chatoyant stone (above) in the auction catalogue on-line I quickly copied and sent details off to Helen with questions about it’s ownership and quality. Here’s her reply copied as text:

<Hi Malcolm and Barbara, Thanks so much for sending this to us with your good wishes. I really appreciate it. I wish we were the seller, what a fantastic stone! It is such a Himalaya Mine classic hard to find these days. Weve been mining some beautiful turquoise this spring, and have been blessed with an amazing show of desert blooms in addition to the incredible gems! Hope all is going well with you! Helen>

SALE 17502 – LOT 1307: A Rare American Cat’s Eye Bi-Color Tourmaline. A large, yet very wearable cabochon sure to appeal either to the collector of American gemstones or the jewelry designer. Perfectly bi-colored, with a strong demarcation line and even zones of bright candy-colored pink and bottle green, this exceptional stone has the added unusual feature of chatoyancy. It is rare to obtain San Diego tourmaline with a cat’s eye effect.

Clients who know of our love of Cat’s Eye/Chatoyant/Star features might like to email me and I’ll send you a reply with the selection of stones we made from this auction offering – I’ll also be following the sale to capture the prices realised for our store of gem stone information. REALISED: US$6,100.00