. . . to celebrate Queensland Excellence in Design, hosted by Her Excellency The Governor Ms Penelope Wensley AO and Mr Stuart McCosker. Artisan arranged the display where Barbara’s jewellery was shown. Delighted to see so many friends and excited to catch up with much older acquaintances.

Talking of older friends, one of my favourite hand-made albums from Brisbane was done in the 1930s by the Soden sisters from Yeronga. They must have been regular attendees at the grounds of  Wynberg as the newspaper clippings attest, below is a shot of the front of Government House from their album. Same old everything, nothing has changed front of house except the vast new canvas Porte Cochere. Everything is so well-groomed including everyone’s manners.

Barbara has been to Government House as the guest of  three Governors now, this was my first time in my own right (although I don’t mind in the least being the “and partner” to the brand).

UPDATE: This post has generated quite a few requests about the album, here is a snapshot below of four pages, click on the separate live links to receive a separate .pdf download (1) (2) (3) (4)