Supplied by Louise Martin-Chew:

“While my policy is to wear jewellery everywhere, the procurer of the said jewellery doubts the sense of such apparel apparatchik after a little accident on a ropes course over Easter 2009. My ten year old daughter and I set off to do the (fabulous!) Adventure Parc course at Mt Tamborine. We were walking across only the second bridge into the tree tops when my slightly loose-wearing Barbara Heath white enamel fusion dress ring snagged on the wire top of the bridge balustrade. It pinged off my finger, floating down down down into a bush on the river bank below. We watched open-mouthed for a second, before Jim; out walking with our other two children, appeared on the path below. While we called out and excitedly gesticulated, he asked, a little anxiously, just which ring I had lost into the bush. I thought it was good news that it wasn’t our wedding ring, but the fact that it was another Barbara Heath ring that had landed in a rainforest bush caused some stress. He left the walking track, followed our shouted directions from above, avoided the nearby lawyer vine, and scrabbled about to find the broken ring in the shrub which had caught it. Needle in a haystack – ring in a rainforest? While one of the joins (its an eight ball ring) on that ring had worked a little loose, I had managed significant damage to justify the journey to their Wilston studio for repair. We were lucky to find the ring – proving perhaps that Barbara remains jeweller to the lost / and not the loser?”

“Will I wear it again, next time we plan to spend the day in the tree tops? Um… very possibly…” – Barbara does plan to make it a little smaller.

“7 days later we were presented with the repaired ring, all made new again (covered in yoghurt again) and at the reduced size to fit my finger”.