First, here’s the email Jane sent to a few friends as she excitedly informed them of her visit to Barbara’s studio that day:

Subject: on the chopping block…along with an urban myth. “I had to have some repairs done on my engagement ring so I thought I should take the opportunity to get my wedding ring enlarged as I haven’t been able to take it off my finger for quite a while. It had to be cut off by Juan-luis Gonzalez! Quite a disturbing experience – seen below closely supervised by Barbara Heath in her studio. Beth and I (and Thomas) greatly enjoyed the visit as Barbara allowed us to pour over her superb collection of jewels. So we should direct Thomas towards a career as a jeweler perhaps – he certainly showed much interest in the sparkly bits . . . Barbara also dispelled the myth (told at Justin’s wedding) about having to have your finger amputated (and sewn back on) if you had a titanium wedding ring as a titanium ring couldn’t be cut  i.e. if you really loved me you would wear a titanium wedding ring . . . did I really believe that…?!! Titanium can be cut”. Signed Jane

There are instruments to cut rings from fingers, Juan-luis reversed the blade direction in the saw, slipped the blade under the ring, fixed the blade into the saw and pushing and pulling in an upwards direction cut through the band. Both the the engagement and wedding bands were resized and finished. The setting and gem were checked and reset.