I remember Multivisuals, the photography and audio-visual studio run by John Callinan & the brilliant  U.K. photographer Terry Straight. I spent days and nights there during productions 1972– 1985. The 3 videos-in-one was a gift of the establishment. Marilyn Chambers started out in the first erotically charged, real movie plot and I guess porn was born, for better or worse. Half the world says it’s Satan’s stain, the rest of the perverts can’t get enough. What’s more – loads of people make money from both of these lines of business . . .

UPDATE: 14 July 2009 – Another piece of info on Marilyn Chambers from “A Book of Wonder” Selfridges & Co, 2007. This catalogue was produced for their Oxford Street Store and the opening of their Wonder Room. The nude pic from Page 45. The text follows (published prior to her death): Marilyn Ann Briggs, b 1952. American actress and daughter of a New York advertising man, Chambers had already made TV commercials and posed for magazine advertising, and played a small role opposite George Segal and Barbara Streisand in {The Owl and the Pussycat} before becoming a leading porn star. She was working topless in a San Francisco bar when Jim & Art Mitchell, casting their first feature [Behind the Green Door], spotted her. They looked through her portfolio, noticed a packet shot for Ivory Snow Soap Powder, in which she cuddled a baby next to the slogan “99 and 44/100 pure” and said You are just what we are looking for – the girl next door. The innocence of Marilyn Chambers, however was never more that skin deep. She was among the first stars to shave her pubic hair and certainly the first to have the lips of her vagina pierced for a labial ring.

14-July 2013 – update: I get over 100 search results for Marilyn Chambers hitting this and other posts I’ve done about her – every single week of the year. Here’s a recent find. . . . enjoy.

Further pic update – a still from the film, behind the green door. Monday Oct 13 2014.