Justine writes to Barbara:

“I would love for you to do me the very great honor of opening my very first solo show “Monster Zoo” at KickArts Contemporary Arts here in Cairns the show runs from the 17th of April to the 6th of June.  The opening night will be on friday the 17th of April at 6pm.  While there was no budget for a guest to open the show I have managed to get 1 nights accommodation at Hotel Cairns for you if you can make it”?.

“The show is all about the little monsters that inhabit everyday life, the one that turns the light off and on in the fridge, the culprit who puts holes in stockings. The following except is from my exhibition proposal …….. The Wunderkammer also known as kunstkammer, a predecessor to the modern museum, were encyclopedic collections of objects and animals whose categorical boundaries were yet to be defined as real or fake. One such animal was the Wopertinger (Crisensus bavaricus), later identified as a fictional animal, is said to inhabit the alpine forests of Bavaria in Germany. Like the Jackalope, the Wolpertinger is thought to have been inspired by sightings of wild rabbits infected with the Shope papilloma virus, which causes the growth of antler?like tumors in various places on the rabbit’s head and body. In 1587 Gabriel Kaltemarckt advised Christian I of Saxony that three types of items were indispensable in forming a “Kunstkammer” or art collection ? firstly sculptures and paintings; secondly curious items from home or abroad; and thirdly antlers, horns, claws, feathers and other things belonging to strange and curious animals. The monster will try to fulfill these three principles; they will be small sculptures, use curious items from all over and have claws, horns and antlers. My creations are monsters that, like Wopertingers, need to be displayed and categorised to give validity to the creatures that lurk in peoples? imaginations. They are the monsters that inhabit the nooks and crannies of our every day life. Being displayed and categorised has led the [Wolpertinger] Wolpertinger/Wolperdinger – dinger meaning thing . . . and Jackalope to be studied and identified, this process may do the same for the monsters. As a Kunstkammer, influenced by pop culture, the monsters will allow their audience to reconnect with their childhood imagination. Giving form and meaning to unexplained occurrences (like who or what turns the light off in the refrigerator) and making fear of monsters something to be embraced, celebrated and worn with pride”.

Unfortunately, we will be in Tasmania pruning our fruit trees so Barbara will regret being unable to play her part . . . Justine’s invite is here, it’s a 1.6Mb download. Her .pdf of the 30 Monsters is a 3.8Mb .pdf here.