Ray’s Tasmanian Applesseed Research Network  blog is receiving many hits but I see that no one has yet to actually make a comment to date?

John Hawkins has invited Ray to visit ‘Bentley’, to delve into the Tasmanian necklace collection housed there and Ray has taken some of John’s pieces to join others that Ray has collected. All these apple seed pieces will undergo scientific evaluations to ascertain their (taxomony). The issue as Ray sees it is to ascertain their Tasmanian-ness, to attribute any folk story, to search deeper into their cultural production. And to apply the resultant findings into his continuing response to other assumptions of  Tasmanian-ness that have been made but now with the peer review process Ray has set up, his action-research methodologies, his copying and distribution of the findings as they surface and his eventual articles to be presented to the – Journal of  Modern Craft; we all look forward to the ensuing cultural cargo and particularly the new view into the many shipping manifestoes that will surface. Readers might be interested to read Ray’s earlier 1995 Masters paper entitled: JEWELLERY AND CULTURAL IDENTITY: A Tasmanian Perspective