Eaglehawk Neck is the narrow isthmus of land near some of Tasmania’s most dramatic coastline. The guide books warn walkers that if anyone suffers from vertigo they should not consider hiking these tracks – this article from the Sydney Morning Herald also concentrates on the convict history and stories that have survived. The road branches off to a set of bronzed dog sculptures by Ruth Waterhouse (see comments below) and the apparent sentries huts – we weren’t that taken by the buildings or their supposed preservation – the walk on the other hand was super. Here’s a link to the larger .pdf

Waterfall Bay cuts into the sheer cliffs that span around 270 degrees of this coastline, the path hugs the edge closely and crosses numerous streams as they run down from the gullies and drop into the sea. My guess was that most of the taller trees were white cedar, thankfully no timber getters have been able to fell these and drag them off to the mill.