Objects with text – 3 maintaining the soap theme. I managed to purchase this tinplate advert from a dealer I worked for while still a teenager – Mr Harcourt Howard of Denham Street, Clayfield in Brisbane. I probably couldn’t have afforded it at the time if it had been complete, someone had cut it down to fit a small frame. The arrow at the left hand base points to the P and part of the E in the PEARS soap bar, added later on after ownership changes and marketing use. The arrows at the top point to the single bubble giving a hint to the later name by which we know the piece today . . . the litho printed tinback called “Bubbles” was used by A & F Pears once they purchased the original entitled “A child’s world” by Sir John Everett Millais. The bubble pipe and the small glass soap below, both ephemeral and official Pears give-aways are highly prized and delightful inseparables. I hope you enjoy them!