Michael Beckmann, his curatorial staff & the board of the Ipswich Arts Foundation Trust are always on the look-out for articles pertaining to Ipswich, its public & personal history, its previous commercial activities and environs. Just a caution, everything that has ‘Ipswich’ emblazoned on the surface might not emanate from Ipswich, Queensland . . . so do your own research before making contact to offer your item for sale.

Dawn Ross from the Ipswich Art Gallery supplied this research on my object:

There was a ‘Scotts of Ipswich’ based at 339 Brisbane St and extended to Keogh & Darling Street. It operated under this name from 1954 – 1986. It was founded by Alexander McScott and in 1958-59 it was purchased by a Sydney company, Hadfields Steelworks Ltd, a subsidiary of A E Goodwin Ltd, an international equipment manufacturing company.
The operations continued to be known as Scotts of Ipswich even under new management. It was one of the first manufacturers in Queensland to use & experiment with MIG welding techniques, which replaced riveting. Scotts also manufactured railway rolling stock for Queensland Rail. They made other things such as tubs, buckets, water storage tanks, mooring equipment, oil tanks for various oil companies etc.