Folks, my favourite London auction house – Bonhams is knocking down a sweet suite of new art in two days time (23-10-2008) in New Bond Street, London. Having been involved in (curating) and done my time making my own stencil marks now for nearly 30 years it has been interesting to track the urban art explosion on both sides of the Atlantic – Banksy in particular has now gone truly global . . . Banksy has been documented and listed on some of my favourite Flickr (image) sites <greenwood100> & <junkforcode-September 29 2008> and numerous personal blogs. So make the time to click through and get up-to-speed.

And for the record, I’ve just scanned and created a 28 page .pdf (13.31Mb) of the THAT Space catalogue I did for the all the spray boys & girls I worked with way back in 1984–1986 in New York City; Toyo Tsuchiya & Ken Hiratsuka (ken one line), Katie White (kate tastrophie) who now lives close-by at Coolum . . . there are only a few copies remaining now, as I’ve given most away to local boys with dirty fingernails, collectors and curators who have visited the studio & shown interest in these events over the recent years – download here.