Resident U.K. illustrator and sometimes profound early blogger – John Coulthart mentioned a showing of Frank H Woodward’s documentary on Howard Phillip Lovecraft in L.A. on Oct 4 2008 (sorely missed by me), in his blog entitled, {feuilleton} – here.

Seems like ages ago, in 2005 while trawling through items for sale on eBay I found a collection of “ghostly stories from the dark side”, every one a first edition . . . so I downloaded every title cover image and set up a movie I called Horror-Dank. I uploaded it to the viewer directory and wondered who would ever see it, Tim Gruchy did send an email in response to it and a few more I did around the same time, all clustered there together . . . on the viewer directory at least half way down the list:

Here, its a 9.8Mb download. Purely for the period dust jacket designs and the typography (so frozen in time) – enjoy!