The first email dropped in out of the blue from a Melbourne man who had done his own product surveillance and email address search to contact us – “I’ve seen a ring at one of your retailers here and I’m wondering if you have earrings in the same style”? No, but that’s a possibility . . . only we don’t have those sawn Diamond crystals any more. We sent this .pdf  just to confirm the Bh style and options:

The next issue is sourcing the sawn Diamond crystals from NYC – Robert Bentley has supplied us previously but this time he says ” I can only sell within the USA because of the conflict diamond issue here”! . . . so a further delay until we can source & land from further afield. The next email, two months down the track confirms and shows two options, accompanied by a quote to design, make and supply. The once relaxed deadline is now looming:

Another long wait and another issue, “I want to make sure that they won’t fall off”? Yes, we understand (NO they won’t fall off) . . . we quickly send pics of Barbara’s own Double Leaf Lattice Earrings with Diamond Briolettes & fitted with safety omegas and assure the client that they will be safe. The deadline is confirmed for 10-10-2008 in Melbourne and we are under way. We dispatched these the evening of the 7-10-2008 after many emails, Barbara and Juan are delighted with the end result, having been pushed to bring into existence something neither imagined. I have to add finally that I have learned a lot following this commission, just how complex it is getting an earring to really fit the ear, drop correctly and be satisfying to wear forever. For the size queens – the larger final shot is here.

An additional note – with the recent post on the passing of Oppi Untracht, Barbara went to the web site of the ‘Society of Jewellery Historians’ where they feature an antique ring as part of their logo, well look again! its so similar to our own White Enamel Fusion Sawn Diamond © Bh Ring.