This is a bit of a blast from the past (in more ways than one) – twelve days back, was the 28th anniversary of the first broadcast of Radio Station Fm104 (4MMM). That’s the day AM died and FM was launched in Brisbane. The station’s current content co-ordinator, a savvy young guy called Mikey Oliver managed to track me down via Anne Jones at ToadShow . . . Mikey was looking for archival stuff from the period, particularly our second logo. Yes, I still have all my originals stashed away and yes, my memory still serves me well! I mentioned the date and time in a spread-email late on the friday but Mikey’s link didn’t drop in via email until the following week. The link to the site is here.

The editorial says ‘the logos that didn’t make it’ but in fact I gave them the original drawings of the first pitch campaign that did in fact get Jim Deane and I (& Schofield Sherbon Baker) the business.

Mikey took all the layouts for the Peter Shannon station ID research boards as well as designs for 24 sheet posters and rate cards. These have been scanned and I’m happy the station has them to add to their historical data. The first launch TVC we did is also on the web. The next pencil drawing was the second ‘rev up your radio’ idea that borrowed on an idea from a favourite NYC illustrator – Seymour Chawst.

And finally my original idea and reved-up radio drawing and the first version of the handwritten logo idea.