I originally posted the two flyers but like every other art event invite (in the world), they were loaded down with masses of supporter’s logos. Nothing wrong with showing them, its just that as a designer I’ve had to fight tooth&nail all my working life to provide data in a better state of presentation . . . so like a true design nazi I ‘ve deleted them from our own blog!

Here’s the ticket for the night we have just received, this has all the details you will need to know A) what’s happening B) when (so you can make that important diary entry) and C) the cost, hopefully you retain the place and the address. All the lovely sponsors should be on the back . . . The other important thing is that our mate; Bruce Heiser will judge the show, the best artists & producers from our own neighbourhood will also be on show and selling their goods . . . so please drop in and support this cause if you are local?