My most favourite museum/art gallery web site is by the RijksMuseum in Amsterdam. I have been a daily visitor for years using their dynamic widget, which delivers revolving desktop images on my work machine – the Dual 2GHz PowerPC G5 AppleMac.

Here’s a link to the download page –

. . . and here’s today’s featured artwork – Job & his daughters c1616 by Hendrick Goltzius

I did follow with interest (and horror) last month’s ruckus in Sydney when Bill Henson’s artworks were seized and pornographic charges were pending . . . then Kevin Rudd weighed into the issue with his twopence worth, here’s a link to NAVA’s ‘art censorship guide’ and the public debate. Then the artistic fraternity’s supporting actions, Patrick McCaughy’s early piece, David Malouf’s article in the Weekend Australian we liked, the ArtMonthly cover (and their subsequent castration by the Government) – then the charges were dropped . . . so how many thousands of young pubescent girls (babies even) are there out there in religious pictures Kevin07? . . . 
Here’s my favourite response from Kudelka in the Australian – June 21–22, 2008
More today in the Australian October 4 2008 on Bill Henson’s David Marr publication .