I thought I’d post a few of these recent communications, Barbara says straight-up that she can’t draw . . . she says she draws directly into the metal and if the plan calls for wax she carves instead of drawing. When clients want to see the final design drawn up . . . it’s basically a waste of time, we negotiate that they review the wax with the gems in place . . . and if it’s straight into the metal, then that is sorted out before we start into the make. With that said, I believe that Barbara does lovely drawings. Here’s another one below and I’ve added one of the many that I was engaged to do on the run this week responding to a Melbourne customer’s request.

Also a few years ago, Michel Sourgnes curated a drawing show of mainly sculptors from his stable and asked Barbara to participate . . . I remember she said “oh no, I can’t draw” . . . his quick retort was ‘well Barbara, you have drawn up two commissions for our family so far and I believe the success of both commissions were partly due to the drawings, so you had better be in the show’? I had fun preparing around 16 digital prints using scans of many earlier Bh drawings. Here’s a few .pdf versions:

drawing 1 from 1991- 3.25Mb

drawing 2 from 1991 – 6.25Mb

drawing 3 from 1994 – 9.48Mb

drawing 4 from 1998 – 10.44Mb

drawing 5 from 1999 – 3.66Mb