I’ve taken the liberty to relate the correspondence, the resultant ring is above and into the world again.

Kate Galloway writes on the 9-11-07: “Dear Barbara, please find this sad opal ring in the hope that you might save it? In a nutshell – Great Grandfather found the opal at Lightning Ridge and had it made up for Great Grandmother who always wore it in a simple setting. It was then left to my Grandmother, although as the 7th of 8 children there wasn’t much left by that time to hand down and she said that I would always ‘get it’. In 1998 my Stepmother and my Dad had the opal reset just before my Grandmother died – and presented it to me not long after her death. I wore it for some months then Dad died and the ring just cracked up! I was devastated (I still am)!. I’ve since been informed that the opal was probably set too tight.”

” Barbara, can you save me and my opal?”

“I know opal cannot be repaired but can it be reset? I’ve invested a lot of angst into the destruction of this stone and really seek some sort of closure. Its all tied up with 12 months of death and sadness. I’d like to honour Great Grandfather (Willian Francis Baker) Grandmother (Melba Frances Galloway), my Dad (Hugh Scott Galloway) and provide for future (Jemima Francis McGrath) or (Jill Scott McGrath) – or is it beyond redemption? (after all it’s just a stone)”.


Kate and Barbara worked on reviewing old and new rings, engaged our Sydney – gem cutter (Tony Maynard) who cut and polished the broken opal into three distinct pieces (WFB, MFG & HSG) and Barbara and Juan colluded to produce and set the fourth, fused ring stack in the new style. The textured white gold in the Palladium mix works well with this textured rub over setting. We have a great working relationship with the Galloway/McGrath family who are now in Cairns, we do all the work via emails and posting images onto the server, to and fro until we have a clear picture of where we are heading. One + One = Good Alchemy we say!