Chapter 104 – National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors – Brisbane. I happened to show Tony Roberts our photos taken in the Worshipful Guild of Clockmakers in London during our trip abroad last year. He quickly asked how I managed to shoot shots inside the Museum – easy I said I just pointed and clicked. Although I take our camera everywhere, I didn’t notice the signs saying no photography! So, I managed to snap 83 shots in a public area. So Tony drops me into a talk that he subsequently titled – ‘a tour of London Clock Museums’. (Sunday April 6 2000) . . . It went well, about half the membership attended, and Ken Durston the president emailed a most supportive email thank-you.

The powerpoint file is attached – if you download and open, the text delivered is below each graphic in the directory. So rather than <run show> I suggest you just tab through the preparation. Also it’s a 48Mb download so wait about 5 minutes . . .