o.k. – so WordPress won’t let me attach the webarchive link . . . “file does not meet security guidelines” means “pay us more money and you can upload more file types” – only in this case it still won’t help me get this movie to you.

So, in another browser, please open a new window and cut and paste this url:


I’m doing this because so many people have emailed us or searched for the link in vain, again thanks to QAG, particularly Ben Wicks for his production and shooting the footage, mal E for his pick-up graphics and we gave Ben the rights to an unpublished John Waterman track as the sound bed.

The residual of the big Queensland Art Gallery Survey Show Nov 2005– March 2006 is here:


The online sales of the catalogue are going gang-busters still . . . contact <izabella.chabrowska@qag.qld.gov.au> for direct sales.