These earrings came back to the studio for a re-jig and clean so Mal scanned and uploaded them today. These help to illustrate my position as a contemporary jeweller but specifically one who has adopted the role of go-between. By that I mean a jeweller who is interested in using loaded, symbolic jewels which have reached their use-by date but still retain meaning and attachment. I’m eager to work with those elements while bringing them into new form and relationship with the world. In this way Patricia is reviewing and collating her collection with an eye to deciding which one of the family should have each item – her strong fashion sense affords her the capacity to think them into a new form, thus preparing the way for the next incarnation. That’s where the go-between comes in. These earrings were collaged together from various pieces, a chaste Victorian brooch, lavishly engraved gold cufflinks and a hopelessly tangled length of gold chain. Each piece tagged an event, a moment, a relationship – and always will, my job is to make sure of that. These are in effect her commissions for the future, never diluting the power of these objects we edit them to draw out meaningful phrases for future wearers.