This is the second episode Alan Carter and his Brisbane ABC crew shot at Lansdowne Street. They broadly wanted to cover ephemera, so I had 50 or so boxes ready to open and we made it up on the fly, while the post production happened without my presence but with my material they borrowed and scanned . . . the ABC got their mileage out of these programs, one person called to say they’ve seen this 5 times and every time they’ve picked up something new. Alan has since fallen foul of his partner, John Furfy, he has been closed out of the company he helped to found but they still use his name. Alan and mal E still remain friends though . . . as of the 21-7-2008 you can now view this episode through wordpress

Tim Gruchy helped me earlier on convert the video to a quicktime movie and I’ve uploaded it for easy download onto our NYC server here: