I checked the date we posted this concept graphic this morning, from the first meeting with Wal Hardy it took about a year’s activity to see the signage fruition & then some more for the RAIA Award to be posted. Martha Liew was the project officer and go-between for the commissioned artists (Barbara Heath & Russell Hall) with Malcolm Enright and their architectural collaborators. Barbara always felt we were kind of superfluous, as the architect was the cladding supplier and with architect Don Watson from Project Services, they had the issues and design well under way. I think at an earlier brief I did ask why the hell were we even consulted . . . in the end we believe everyone had effective elements to add to the mix and the solution was a cohesive yet highly experimental one.One that in the end was singled out for an architectural award through the Royal Australian Institute of Architects, Queensland Chapter, 2004 Regional Awards of which we are proud to have our names associated with the project.