“Hi, I’m an old Makers Mark client of Barbara’s and I have my Grandmother’s ring which I want the gem taken and I want Barbara to design and make a ring (with the gem) for my Daughter’s 21st . . . Saturday, Mar 29 2014 

. . . with thanks to D.C. for his ink art that I have changed, this was posted on Tumblr with no credit and downloaded (I’m guessing it is from the master). Wednesday, Dec 25 2013 

Three shots of an object we commissioned from Shanna Muston Tuesday, Dec 24 2013 

Shanna was successful in her ‘art start’ grant proposal, early in 2013. Both Barbara and I mentored her in all aspects of her business / jewellery start up. We have been mates for quite some time now and have followed her work. The piece of wood we gave Shanna is from our old store in Tunbridge, Tasmania. Water etched and with traces of old paint, this piece if timber fits with her aesthetic, beautifully. We thought that some of the grant fee we earned should be put back into Shanna’s own practice so we commissioned an object in response to the timber piece. It was delivered last week but we still have no idea about her title, we shall all wait for a comment + feedback. Between us, we have wonderful examples of local jewellers work. In fact we have pieces buy everyone who has ever spent studio time with us over the years.

This is what happens when client’s have Sautoirs and Necklaces made by the studio, they have all their other pieces restrung and reclasped with our workable fixings Wednesday, Oct 16 2013 

There are numerous sizes and options to Barbara’s handmade ‘bar & ring ‘ clasps. Textured and plain in multiple metal options, some with gems set in the ring clasp – here we have handmade 925 Silver with Dr Gael Phillips’ oval antique ‘millefiori’ Venetian beads. Ready-to-wear anywhere (and dance floor strength into the bargain).

Any old jeans, any old jean any any old denim . . . jeans . . . to donate to KT? Friday, Oct 11 2013 

Multi faceted Brisbane identity and designer – K.T. Doyle is ‘away with the denims’, these days. Her JeanBag© is a recycled homewares product born of opportunity, wit and support by the Brisbane City Council. Her ongoing creative enterprise is documented in her wordpress blog – click here. We dropped off a small parcel of denim today and this lovely card awaited us. Go and read about her product and if you have spare denim to donate for a great cause, email her at <info@ktdoyle.com>

A beautiful natural yellow Australian Sapphire set in a Victorian pin, turned into a Ring Friday, Oct 4 2013 


This commission from Anna Heriot saw the studio start a conversation and almost finish the object in the same sentence. Barbara directed Juan with a cut here and there. The beautiful laser welder in his hands seamlessly delivered the outcome.

Commissions always come with such interesting stories and we end up adding to the piece’s history with our work Saturday, Sep 21 2013 

They were in NYC and so loved the Chrysler building and then unexpectedly found this and it became their ‘friendship’ ring, we have remade the top part. Then they found a battered base metal ring that became their wedding ring. Bee always wanted Barbara to make her a copy with noble metal and channel-set diamonds, then Daz snuck over and initiated this new version. He picks it up today . . . two versions one with the camera and one with the scanner:

Every monday for weeks Marian Drew and Barbara Heath have done time in the studio here working on their collaboration, opening in November 2013 Sunday, Sep 8 2013 

. . . my shot shows stamped silver and a dipped wire test for the pieces under development.

This week has been about designing next week’s commission makes and making this week’s retailers’ stock Friday, Aug 9 2013 

Two great Pearl Earrings under way:

I’ve removed the names until the pieces are completed (Barbara’s rules):

Gems, Bangles and Rings on the go:


This lovely antique brooch is lonely no more, earrings designed and made to match Sunday, Aug 4 2013 

Janet Hogan’s venetian glass and silver brooch now has lapis lazuli twisted silver studs © Bh – Jeweller to the Lost studio. Larger shot here.

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