We can finally talk about and show you our ‘benefactor’s medal’ and presentation box commissioned by the QAG|GOMA Foundation Sunday, Oct 19 2014 

From a brief in March 2014 to the design, development, production and delivery of the first five units last Thursday for Friday’s Foundation event – a wonderful journey and delightful partnering with the Queensland Art Gallery. The presentation package was designed and realised in vector art by the studio and was then effectively produced in Queensland red cedar and perspex, inhouse at the Gallery while we worked with our fabricators (Gold Coast & Sydney & Brisbane) and finished the medals and ribbons in the studio. There were many photographs taken at hand over and an article will appear in the Foundation’s magazine in the near future, here is my shot of Barbara taken on the iPhone in the water pavilion.

Here is the ‘local trail’ antique & retro list for September 2014 for the Northern Rivers area of NSW Wednesday, Oct 1 2014 

Ross and Eve Heath who are at Bangalow put this together – (click for high-res .pdf download) and people we talked to all thank them for their services rendered. Their shop is huge, well stocked and priced for Sydneysiders on holidays.

More on our recent Tasmanian 10 day jaunt Tuesday, Sep 2 2014 

Overnight at the New Town Palace – Hobart shops – Burning off the summer garden’s waste – Reinstated the Georgian internal staircasePolished kitchen floor – Mr & Mrs Kissafish for lunch – Evandale relies drop in – Clockman, Warren & Babe – Unfruitful trip to Longford – Campbel Town shops – Two Profs from over the road drop in – Sunset on the river – Tracker gone – Rodney & Joey Kevin Joy Wishes Paul and Peter Simon – Quite a few perfect shots away – Gardening – Trip to the tip – Cracker drive to the airport in the MG ZT – and below the Peel-away project:

Seven shots taken by Juan-Luis with his makeshift additional lens on his iPhone Tuesday, Jul 22 2014 

Mathilda’s © Bh textured bracelet to hold her Barbara Heath charm collection – her eleventh birthday gift commissioned by her Mum, Kirsti Simpson.

Barbara’s 60th at the house was a ‘love-in’ thats for sure Tuesday, Jul 22 2014 

It started with her surprise present – a black (but very green) pony. Lil and Barb on Saturday morning, below.

I arranged the catering and Lil did the champagne for a small group of forty closest friends. I asked Jane Grigg to shoot everyone in attendance but we still haven’t been presented with the shots as yet. Fantastic shots posted by Sheridan and Jacqueline on FaceBook, thanks to everyone! 5–8pm was the plan, 1:30am we were all danced out . . . quite a few can’t remember how they got home! A second pony present – an artwork by Dr Deborah Porch, below.

Cheque arrived from Hong Kong for another McTavish family commission, we are excited to start Thursday, Apr 3 2014 

More on this when we complete Peter’s leather and 925 silver “Clan” cuff . . . commissioned by Wendy. I so much miss the postage ephemera, I keep every postage stamp for recycling and future artworks. We miss the smaller native birds as they are driven out of the suburban gardens by larger, non-Australian species. Thoughts of all the Australian migrating birds that used the mudflats of Hong Kong as feed and rest stations on their northern journeys to and from Siberia, these environments are shrinking due to landfill and the real estate boom there.

Any old jeans, any old jean any any old denim . . . jeans . . . to donate to KT? Friday, Oct 11 2013 

Multi faceted Brisbane identity and designer – K.T. Doyle is ‘away with the denims’, these days. Her JeanBag© is a recycled homewares product born of opportunity, wit and support by the Brisbane City Council. Her ongoing creative enterprise is documented in her wordpress blog – click here. We dropped off a small parcel of denim today and this lovely card awaited us. Go and read about her product and if you have spare denim to donate for a great cause, email her at <info@ktdoyle.com>

The names are hidden but the card and its message is shared for all Wednesday, Jun 26 2013 

I always love posting these ‘client thank-you cards’ that we receive . . . those folk that dare to be different and enter into the commission realm – we LOve you too! (word-of-mouth is everlasting) . . .

Eighteen slides for 2013 Mercedes Fashion Week – a cascading history shots from Barbara’s Brisbane archive Thursday, Jun 6 2013 

These are what we have prepared and supplied to the curators and facilitators, it is up to them what they include and use . . . we hope these whet your appetite for the group discussion in August. Enjoy and follow the links already posted for the other exciting activities scheduled.

ABOVE: 1985 Photo credits – Barbara Heath (Anna Bourke with Barbara Heath)

ABOVE: 1986 Photo credits – Barbara Heath (Barbara Heath with Leigh Cholakis)

ABOVE: 1990 Photo credits – Malcolm Enright

ABOVE: 1998 Photo credits – ‘Net’ Christopher Hemmings  – 1999 ‘a tree a rock a cloud’ David Sandison

ABOVE: 1991 Photo credits – Malcolm Enright (design and realisation)

ABOVE: 1992 Photo credits – Peter Budd

ABOVE: 1993 Photo credits – Malcolm Enright (design and realisation)

ABOVE: 1997 Photo credits – Peter Budd

ABOVE: 1987 Photo credits – Andrew Campbell

ABOVE: 1989 Photo credits – Lehan Ramsay

ABOVE: 1998 Photo credits – Peter Budd

ABOVE: 1989 Photo credits – Monty Coles

ABOVE: 1995 Photo credits – Quenten Bacon

ABOVE: 1999 Photo credits – Guy Heritage

ABOVE: 1990 Photo credits – Warwick Orme

ABOVE: 1987 Photo credits – Peter Kent – Malcolm Enright

ABOVE: 2007 Photo credits – Barbara Heath

ABOVE: 2007 Photo credits – Barbara Heath


We have the table that goes with these two chairs in the Queensland Art Gallery Monday, May 6 2013 



Glenn Cooke was offered the three pieces by Sharon at Lancasters in Toowoomba ages ago, he scooped the two chairs as they had wood and more particularly tooled leather work. He declined the deeply carved table from the set which shows her family crest by marriage, that of the Robinson clan. We are so fortunate to own this piece of early Queensland cabinetry using local timbers by an important female maker.

Anna Craig / Miss Lubke  was trained as a leather worker, was born Anna Charlotte Lubke in Hanover, Prussia, grand-daughter of the Count von Hartung. George Hulber of Hamburg had revived the ancient art of leatherwork and was accorded considerable fame in Europe at the time; Miss Lubke was one of his few students. She practised her leatherwork in Hamburg, then moved to London where she won awards, including a diploma for a leather-bound book at the 1896 East London Trades, Industries and Arts Exhibition. She was employed as private secretary to Princess Beatrice of Battenberg. Anna came to Australia in 1898 as companion to the wife of the owner of the Valley of Lagoons, a station on the Upper Burdekin, North Queensland. There she met, and the following year married at Ingham, Charles Baker Craig. She spent her early married years at the Valley of Lagoons. Housework was performed by Aboriginal servants so she had time to devote to her craft. Later Mr Craig acquired a property, Craigmore, in the Toowoomba district and the family moved between the two. Mrs Craig exhibited her leather and marquetry work with the Toowoomba branch of the Royal Agricultural Society of Queensland from 1902 to 1920; in 1914 her embossed panels included Phoebus and Apollo , Diana and Mermaid . In 1920 she received silver medals for her embossed leatherwork exhibits. She also showed leatherwork at the 1907 exhibition of the Austral Association. A leather screen and an album cover were exhibited in the preliminary Brisbane Women’s Work Exhibition that year; when shown in Melbourne the screen was awarded a first and a special prize in its class. She received a Queensland Jubilee Medal for her piano stool in leather work at the 1909 Queensland National Agricultural and Industrial Association (QNAIA) Exhibition at Brisbane and prizes for embossed leather work at the Rockhampton Agricultural Society Shows in 1917, 1918, 1933-36. In 1922 the Craigs moved to Waverley Road, Taringa, Brisbane, and Anna began to exhibit regularly with the QNAIA. Between 1925 and 1936 she was awarded several prizes for her leatherwork and marquetry staining. From Glenn Cooke’s biography of her in 1995.


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