New stock being prepared for September – off to QAG gallery store and Artisan within the week Thursday, Aug 29 2013 

Cheapside Ring © Bh Natural baroque Keshi pearl in textured cup setting with hammered finish. 18ct yellow gold with black enamel fusion Size N1/2

Gem cluster ring © Bh Textured and fused double band in 9ct Palladium white gold with rose cut Diamond, brown Diamond, fancy cabochon Ceylon Sapphire and fancy square Sapphire

Bracelet bar & ring clasp © Bh Handmade chain with paper die and textured roller links in oxidised Silver with 18ct yellow gold detail and in-line facetted Iolite beads.

Bangles with ‘in-line’ © Bh symbols Sunday, Feb 3 2013 

6 mm oval 925 silver with in-line symbols, all with details oxidised

All hands on deck in preparation for next weekend’s studio sale . . . new makes of old favourites plus much more in store Saturday, Dec 1 2012 

The Daniel Craig version of Barbara Heath’s Signature Bracelet – 925 Silver 18ct Yellow Gold Faceted polished Onyx – sporting the smaller symbols that we first did for Jean-Pierre Khoury in the late eighties . . .

Our downloadable powerpoint of the 2012 commissions is on the server and ready to view – 21.27Mb Friday, Nov 30 2012 

I’ll post a few of the previously unpublished commissions below – click here to download

‘wonder woman’ commissioned cuff © Barbara Heath Monday, Nov 5 2012 

This cuff in presentation box is jetting its way to Cairns in North Queensland today to join many more © Bh commissioned jewels in Kate Galloway’s collection. Starting with an acrylic (dinosaur designs) cuff for the right size and proportions, Kate and Barbara dialogued to and fro about metals, gems and specifics until the design was cornered – 5 cm wide cuff constructed in oxidised 925 silver with applied detail in 22 ct yellow gold with a central large emerald-cut Rutile Quartz 1=14.92 ct in box setting with textured 22ct bezel.

Barbara says this 18ct pink gold bangle will become more pink than this shot . . . I. C.’s birthday one – sans gem stones Wednesday, Jul 25 2012 

and now the stones are set and the 22ct gold which was brought to the surface by heating is more pink again:

Another contemporary solid sterling silver piece for her collection Monday, Feb 6 2012 

This commission is loaded with sentiment, we were asked to create a new modern handmade Bracelet styled on an antique styled Indian one that was a very special gift. Almost a four day make with secure clasp and complex details which had to be repeated and exactly the same, all on the same oval

His 50th present to himself – collected yesterday with everyone well pleased Sunday, Jan 22 2012 

Commissioned Ring © Bh 2012 Signet swivel Ring with Katebami symbol in Shakudo and 18ct Yellow Gold with reverse side blackened Silver and 18ct Yellow Gold stamp detail.

The earlier designs were posted and then we hit the Xmas bench pressure – graciously, he said he would wait.

Commissioned Bracelet © Bh 2012 Katebami signature, double strand Bracelet with Bar & Ring clasp and linking details in Shakudo, 18ct Yellow Gold, blackened Silver, faceted Onyx, cabochon Yellow Sapphire with Queensland Spinel beads.

Barbara writes: Often a commissioned piece can be quite complex, the time from initial meeting to completion may span from a few weeks to a few months. There would be meetings or emails exchanged perhaps to review a sketch or fine tune a detail, sometimes a visit to the studio to simply enjoy a peep into the process. When at last the client comes to collect their piece its time for me to observe their response. I’m always mindful that there may be a little anxiety mixed in with the excitement – for them it may be a long anticipated meeting with this imagined object – now firmly realised. For us the  intense and invariably microscopic familiarity with each detail of the work must now pull back to a larger focus. The ideas discussions, explorations and potentialities behind us – the waiting object is now as fixed and finished as a full stop.
Sometimes I urge people not to feel obliged to express instant approval – it might be like making friends too soon with a stranger. There might be mixed emotions. Occasionally they ask if I am sad to let a laboured treasure go?
Today G. D. came for this ring and bracelet and lifting each in turn from the velvet tray noted the soft dark colour of the gold vs. the hard black of the Spinel, the symmetry and scale, the crisp line of the Katebami symbol and importantly the size – the satisfying snug fit around his wrist. Each piece was tried on and turned over, materials named again and the relationships of each component to the next appreciated.
Some find words easily to explore and describe their new object, some coo and aah, some email me later, fortunately only a few have ever remained silent.
The family symbol, the Katebami dark and elegant in its contrasting black and gold represents a familiar plant, the Wood Sorrel. How surprising to recognise its three leafed symmetry so common here, but known by another name Oxalis. I promised to show him  where it grows in our garden, but then forgot as we talked of other things before we parted. Although the big birthday has passed, no doubt wearing these pieces will be a mnemonic for a major milestone – I love the way people choose to reward themselves at these moments – it seems to me to express a kind of tenderness to oneself.

1990 Signature Bracelet back to the studio for changes and a check-up, notice the older BH makers mark on the ring clasp? Friday, Jan 13 2012 

Wonderful Melbourne client who has purchased multiple items from Makers Mark, QAG Gallery Store and Handmark Gallery in Tasmania dropped her © Bh Signature Bracelet on the bathroom floor shattering the Snowflake Obsidian Pi Disc element. The original  jade disc in the piece was replaced with the Obsidian so this was a cherished attachment, nothing in the studio gem and shell collection was deemed suitable so we searched overseas for a replacement. Got to tell you – no supplier in the USA would send one piece to Australia (too much of a hassle, it seemed).

The studio set about making an oxidised  lace work replacement and cleaned and serviced the other components, which I must say have travelled beautifully on Judy’s right hand – hardly a scratch or dint was evident. Dispatched last night it was the second job away to interstate clients this week.

A new Signature Bracelet © Bh 2011 to replace her original one from 1992 Thursday, Dec 22 2011 

One of the important commissions that surfaced in the Patron, Maker, Jewell exhibition at the Brisbane City Hall in 1997, this bracelet was the precursor for a later version completed today for our friend, collaborator and Brisbane fashion maven – Patricia Crowley. Trisha’s recycled bits and bobs in oxidised 925 Silver with 18ct Yellow Gold details, x7 symbol units all constructed to fit her ‘found’ gems, smoky quartz, sapphires and ruby, garnet and amethyst carvings with Bar & Ring clasp. All funked-up for daily exposure to the elements, we say Grrreat!

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