. . . we must mention the swapsies and the garden gifts from neighbours also Wednesday, Mar 5 2014 

Many meals have been made from produce gathered within a kilometre from the property, including lamb cuts and fish and mussels from the Blackman river. This little parcel was found outside the back door from Dot & Mike Evans who own the other two story sandstone building in the village.

The garden at Tunbridge is planted with heritage fruit trees that we have espaliered, now into their sixth year – they are bearing fruit. Wednesday, Mar 5 2014 

. . . and as we are tropical folk at heart, we are really grooving on jam and paste-making down there.

. . . a Jeweller-to-the-Lost selfie by Lil Enright with Barbara Heath Wednesday, Mar 5 2014 

The second studio sale day in a rare moment when there were no clients in the studio. I had this shot as my wallpaper on the iPhone all the time we were on holidays - we have spent two months at our other residence, shop and garden in Tunbridge Tasmania. We returned to the studio yesterday and this is the first post for 2014, yeah!

. . . with thanks to D.C. for his ink art that I have changed, this was posted on Tumblr with no credit and downloaded (I’m guessing it is from the master). Wednesday, Dec 25 2013 

Three shots of an object we commissioned from Shanna Muston Tuesday, Dec 24 2013 

Shanna was successful in her ‘art start’ grant proposal, early in 2013. Both Barbara and I mentored her in all aspects of her business / jewellery start up. We have been mates for quite some time now and have followed her work. The piece of wood we gave Shanna is from our old store in Tunbridge, Tasmania. Water etched and with traces of old paint, this piece if timber fits with her aesthetic, beautifully. We thought that some of the grant fee we earned should be put back into Shanna’s own practice so we commissioned an object in response to the timber piece. It was delivered last week but we still have no idea about her title, we shall all wait for a comment + feedback. Between us, we have wonderful examples of local jewellers work. In fact we have pieces buy everyone who has ever spent studio time with us over the years.

The third last commission to leave to studio before Christmas 2013 Friday, Dec 20 2013 

The second important commission for these two men – their wedding rings (and them) are off to NYC soon.

© Bh Commission Wedding Rings for M & M. Matching bands have thick profile and bevelled edge on one side to fit to existing M & M rings. Each ring has pair of gems; Australian Green Sapphire square princess cut 1=0.46cts and Argyle Brown Diamond square princess cut 1 =0.15ct both flush, channel set into band. Hand fabricated in 18ct palladium white gold with matt and burnished finish.

The vet report on little ronE – his three year review and shots to enter Tasmania Thursday, Dec 19 2013 

Late afternoon shot in the studio . . . “We are amazed that he’s three already, with what was going on with him as a puppy. No one was too sure he would make it to adulthood – such a maniac for chewing and swallowing everything. Accident prone: tick, hip displacement, busted claw, two surgeries to remove foreign objects from his gut . . . Now he is in fantastic condition and has developed into a fine dog, he’s super fit and certainly not overweight. Extremely affectionate and gentle. After everything we have done to him he’s still excited to see us and enter the surgery.  Love you ronE – well done to Barb and Mal” – Wilston Vet on Newmarket Road.

Found a mention about us today on BNEART site – nice and it points to Handmark in Tasmania Wednesday, Dec 18 2013 

here is the link

Small comfortable subtle and always asked for at ‘studio sale’ – domed and partial polished Hexagon earrings © Bh Friday, Dec 13 2013 

This is the second change-over from posts we have done since the sale last weekend. The Hexagon range has singles, articulated doubles in all golds silvers and combination finishes, in fact Anne Harper dropped in today to collect her coral bracelet restring wearing her matted double gold ones.

Our studio pet – Teresa Lee has recently graduated and is into her second year with us, part time at Jeweller to the Lost Friday, Dec 13 2013 

Barbara went along to the J&SO industry night on Nov 26th 2013 at the Webb Gallery QCA Southbank to check out the talent that Elizabeth Shaw et al keeps turning out into the world. Well done all round, we say! . . . or in Teresa talk – “get outa ma grills”

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