Apologies to our own Brisbane on-line ‘thefashionarchives’ . . . we were featured in issue 4 and I have only updated both our c.v.’s to reflect this Thursday, Mar 13 2014 

Number #10 is the recent issue so I’m terribly late with this update, sorry girls!

Our 6 column story entitled ‘pieced together’ is here

and my own Fashion Q & A is here

Today I have posted major updates to our ‘pages’ column Tuesday, Mar 11 2014 

The commission list and CV .pdfs and the downloadable commission reports for the recent year’s activities, as .pptxs might be too much for you iPhone users but the full screen does them justice – enjoy + feedback welcome.

. . . a Jeweller-to-the-Lost selfie by Lil Enright with Barbara Heath Wednesday, Mar 5 2014 

The second studio sale day in a rare moment when there were no clients in the studio. I had this shot as my wallpaper on the iPhone all the time we were on holidays - we have spent two months at our other residence, shop and garden in Tunbridge Tasmania. We returned to the studio yesterday and this is the first post for 2014, yeah!

Found a mention about us today on BNEART site – nice and it points to Handmark in Tasmania Wednesday, Dec 18 2013 

here is the link

Small comfortable subtle and always asked for at ‘studio sale’ – domed and partial polished Hexagon earrings © Bh Friday, Dec 13 2013 

This is the second change-over from posts we have done since the sale last weekend. The Hexagon range has singles, articulated doubles in all golds silvers and combination finishes, in fact Anne Harper dropped in today to collect her coral bracelet restring wearing her matted double gold ones.

Our studio pet – Teresa Lee has recently graduated and is into her second year with us, part time at Jeweller to the Lost Friday, Dec 13 2013 

Barbara went along to the J&SO industry night on Nov 26th 2013 at the Webb Gallery QCA Southbank to check out the talent that Elizabeth Shaw et al keeps turning out into the world. Well done all round, we say! . . . or in Teresa talk – “get outa ma grills”

A bit of a studio sale report . . . from Jeweller to the Lost Tuesday, Dec 10 2013 

Saturday was just a blur, it started at 9:49am . . . eleven minutes before we were to open the door to the throng of eager customers. Jeff from Canberra was on the dog-and-bone, “we want the Iolite ring mal” . . . bam, we were away! The next thing to break the excitement was walking the dog at 6:10pm. My daughter Lil assisted along with KT and (the pink lady) – Wendy, one of our most loyal commission clients. One of our many regulars – Bob and Beth Mohl who always bakes us shortbreads handed over her lovely goodies which I secured away immediately. Lunch seemed hours away when Lil asked about the shortbreads “Daddo, I need one” – seemed like everyone had one except me?


Sunday started with vintage French champagne from Lil’s stash. We had a break in the action after the first customers for the day who were Karl and KT back again – Barb and Lil played with settings on their iPhones along with shooting this ‘duo selfie’ . . . Lil then leaves and it went bananas again. Sundays are more relaxed with couples dropping in and customers who want more quality time to browse the remaining stock. Participants vary based on their availability and needs while others we see annually every year. Newer clients always bring a friend which is the rule, this year Pam Easton rocked in with Anna Schwartz from Melbourne – a real treat. 2013 now eclipsed last year as our biggest sale and (Love Fest) ever! Now for the resizes, new commission briefs and finishing the work here for collection before 21st December + I’m reconsigning articles to our awaiting retailers.
Thanks to everyone who either messaged, purchased and visited and to our little tight team from mal E + Bh – Jeweller to the Lost.

Last day of preparation for the studio sale this weekend, but commissions are still being completed and email sales happen right up to the end Friday, Dec 6 2013 

The ‘Sydney Lady’ has always loved Barbara’s own ring she made for her 55th birthday. When V was here recently she saw this basket quatrefoil in the stage of development and asked for first dibs on it as it was a range make. Having already tried on Barbara’s ring, (A) she discussed at length this new ring (B). V went on to commission other things, so when this was completed yesterday I scanned and prepared the ring for inclusion in the sale. Once I had costed and labeled it Barbara piped up and said I should send the pics and the price to V in Sydney . . . that put and end to anyone else buying it tomorrow. Here are three shots of both rings I quickly snapped on Barbara’s hand.

Basket Quatrefoil Big-up Ring © Bh Constructed setting with Marquise F-G SI1 Diamonds 4=0.40ct Rubellite Tourmaline cabochon 1=2.14ct 18ct yellow gold


Five shots of ring stock to be sold next weekend at the studio sale Monday, Dec 2 2013 


Commission clients who visit the studio always ask to see what we are working on – stock wise. One lady swooped on the Aquamarine dress ring (number 3 – Image 5) and Barbara was shocked to see it go . . .

(Numbers 4 and 5 – Image 3) were sold at GOMA sale on the weekend

as was (number 6 – Image 2) sold at GOMA last weekend.

(number 4 – Image 1) I could have sold twice at GOMA sale only it can’t be resized, one client has commissioned another one with a larger Keshi pearl to be made before we close. (number 3 – Image 1) has two followers hovering and a very quite lady absolutely loved (number 8 – Image 1) but she never returned with the husband on the day. I’m hoping she took a card?


Most of the studio Christmas makes this year are very gemmy – using lots of left-overs from strands we have used up into earrings, necklets and tassel necklaces Monday, Dec 2 2013 

Plus bright solid silver melts that have been oxidised. 18ct yellow gold melts with oxidised silver chains, parrot clasps and in-line faceted amethyst beads – showing a detail below – only four pieces available. 240mm diameter. Why buy one? From my perspective two necklets are the go and at $400.00 incl GST they are affordable. Larger detail of the Silver and amazonite waterfall necklaces, the bead tassels – here and here.

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