Here is my 65th birthday movie Monday, Jul 7 2014 

A great Saturday – Love and thanks to everyone responsible for heart felt messages!

‘pink’ Swiss handkerchief given to Barbara last weekend Wednesday, Apr 30 2014 

Folded in two it went straight into the green box, then Marg and I emailed finds:




Apologies to our own Brisbane on-line ‘thefashionarchives’ . . . we were featured in issue 4 and I have only updated both our c.v.’s to reflect this Thursday, Mar 13 2014 

Number #10 is the recent issue so I’m terribly late with this update, sorry girls!

Our 6 column story entitled ‘pieced together’ is here

and my own Fashion Q & A is here

Any old jeans, any old jean any any old denim . . . jeans . . . to donate to KT? Friday, Oct 11 2013 

Multi faceted Brisbane identity and designer – K.T. Doyle is ‘away with the denims’, these days. Her JeanBag© is a recycled homewares product born of opportunity, wit and support by the Brisbane City Council. Her ongoing creative enterprise is documented in her wordpress blog – click here. We dropped off a small parcel of denim today and this lovely card awaited us. Go and read about her product and if you have spare denim to donate for a great cause, email her at <>

Issue 3 of The Fashion Archive went live yesterday with Barbara’s Q&A responses Wednesday, Sep 25 2013 

Barbara’s history is given some focus in the current issue as well as other local fashion heroes (Joshua Jones, Amanda Hayman, Kellie Alderman, Paul Hunt & Patrick Woulfe + The Miegunyah House Museum) – click here and at the base you will find the story links and back to issue 1 and 2. Go Madeleine and Nadia et al . . . they have visited home and studio this week to do my own Q&A and looked into my ephemera archive for Issue 5 content.

mal E returned home safe today from two weeks work on our shop and residence at Tunbridge, Tasmania Friday, Aug 2 2013 

Our American friend and master carpenter, Kim Vagt and mal E powered on for 10 days straight – achieving great pressured results upstairs and downstairs. We prepared the ground and briefed Greg Edwards to create a replacement Georgian internal staircase to the exact proportions, to be repositioned exactly where the original one stood. We also contacted our original sparky to visit and plan the final stages of electrical installations to the building. A wide pano of the shop room has been uploaded to malE’s viewersite on Tumblr and can be downloaded – here.

Four people walked in on our solstice backyard fire Friday evening Sunday, Jun 23 2013 

Two shots of John Waterman just before he passed away, April 2002 Sunday, Jun 16 2013 

His last 8 tracks come up on my iTunes ‘shuffle’ lots, his set of French copper saucepans are used every day. His last gift to me was a London printer’s coded contacts diary with every possible detail about sourcing, pricing and storage of metal, ink, paper and tools of the trade. He is still in our lives, daily . . . there is not a week goes by where an internet search for John collides with our viewer site

I’ve shared these with Pam & Lydia already – two cards I missed on eBay Thursday, Jun 6 2013 

I have one more book cover with a bow and arrow on file, I’ll dig it out . . .

Eighteen slides for 2013 Mercedes Fashion Week – a cascading history shots from Barbara’s Brisbane archive Thursday, Jun 6 2013 

These are what we have prepared and supplied to the curators and facilitators, it is up to them what they include and use . . . we hope these whet your appetite for the group discussion in August. Enjoy and follow the links already posted for the other exciting activities scheduled.

ABOVE: 1985 Photo credits – Barbara Heath (Anna Bourke with Barbara Heath)

ABOVE: 1986 Photo credits – Barbara Heath (Barbara Heath with Leigh Cholakis)

ABOVE: 1990 Photo credits – Malcolm Enright

ABOVE: 1998 Photo credits – ‘Net’ Christopher Hemmings  – 1999 ‘a tree a rock a cloud’ David Sandison

ABOVE: 1991 Photo credits – Malcolm Enright (design and realisation)

ABOVE: 1992 Photo credits – Peter Budd

ABOVE: 1993 Photo credits – Malcolm Enright (design and realisation)

ABOVE: 1997 Photo credits – Peter Budd

ABOVE: 1987 Photo credits – Andrew Campbell

ABOVE: 1989 Photo credits – Lehan Ramsay

ABOVE: 1998 Photo credits – Peter Budd

ABOVE: 1989 Photo credits – Monty Coles

ABOVE: 1995 Photo credits – Quenten Bacon

ABOVE: 1999 Photo credits – Guy Heritage

ABOVE: 1990 Photo credits – Warwick Orme

ABOVE: 1987 Photo credits – Peter Kent – Malcolm Enright

ABOVE: 2007 Photo credits – Barbara Heath

ABOVE: 2007 Photo credits – Barbara Heath


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